03.04.2014 | MEDSCAPES - Meeting of Experts (Limassol, 28-30 March 2014)
The Meeting of Experts (MoE) was held as part of Work Package 4 (Developing the Best-Practice Methodology for LCA in the East Med), with the participation of landscape experts from all partner countries –Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon and Jordan– as well as from other European countries with significant previous experience in LCA and landscape management in general. The invited experts –academics, practitioners and government officials– presented their thoughts and shared their experiences on possible ways to utilise the LCA results into territorial planning; particular reference was made to the challenges posed by the different legal systems and planning practices among the countries of the region, whereas other important points of discussion concern issues of enhancing public participation in landscape management and planning, of promoting networking and joint initiatives at a Mediterranean and Pan-European level, as well as of adapting methodological aspects of the characterisation process in respect to the particularities of the East Med context. In this framework, the case studies of Catalonia (Landscape Observatory and Catalogues), Portugal (National Landscape Character map and strategy) and Cyprus (Level 1 LCA conducted for the whole island) were presented and discussed, whereas the last day also included a session devoted to the development of tertiary education courses on LCA.

Attached you can see the agenda of the meeting.
MEDSCAPES - Meeting of Experts (Limassol, 28-30 March 2014)
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