26.11.2015 | COP21: The Med-INA team will "Walk for the Climate"

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), the most important international meeting on climate change that has taken place in the last six years, starts on 30th November 2015 in Paris. Over 190 countries will be represented in the conference and over one hundred Heads of state will participate in the discussions in order to address this key issue. The aim of this conference is to tackle our global dependence on fossil fuels through a new universal agreement on climate change - the one currently in force expires at the end of November. This agreement, which is hoped to be legally binding, will have to limit Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to a level where, by the end of the century, temperature rise is limited to below 2°C.  An agreement of this sort will pave the way towards saving the planet from the catastrophic consequences of climate change while at the same time send a loud message to the world that the era of Green Energy has begun.

On 29th November 2015, a few hours before the Heads of state arrive in Paris for the COP21, a coordinated movement of people across the globe will take to the streets and voice their common message of immediate action against climate change. The Med-INA team will participate in the “Walk for the Climate” event which is being organized by WWF Greece, Greenpeace and AVAAZ. We hope that the serious evidence of the acceleration of the consequences of climate change on our planet will be taken into consideration and will be matched by a sound and legally binding universal agreement to curb our emissions and invest in Green Energy.

COP21: The Med-INA team will "Walk for the Climate"