15 years together for MedINA and Stefanos Dodouras

15 years together for MedINA and Stefanos Dodouras

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Stefanos Dodouras, always diligent and calm, joined MedINA’s team 15 years ago. He began as researcher in various projects of the organisation, eventually rising to the position of Head of Finance. Below follows his unique story and a wonderful wish for MedINA!

“This year, MedINA celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its foundation, in 2003, and until today it based its development on three main pillars: the continuous effort to protect natural resources by promoting cultural heritage, the continuous investment in its human resources, and the creation of a wider social footprint.

I have been a “co-passenger” on this journey, holding different positions over the last 15 years, and I feel lucky for that. People, experiences, images, relationships and knowledge are, among other things, the key elements that can be gained by working with MedINA. Besides being lucky, I also feel proud that today the organisation has “grown” in terms of people, projects and visibility, continuing to do what it specialises in, with love and responsibility.

They say that for a recipe to be successful, it is necessary to have all the ingredients! In my opinion the key element of MedINA’s recipe is people. All those colleagues, who either appeared briefly along the way or are still here. With many of them I have a lot to remember, especially beautiful moments. These moments cannot be conveyed in writing because they will probably lose their meaning. When, from time to time, we look back on them, there is a lot of laughter… or tears… depending!

A beautiful wish I read recently said “the older you get, the better you get, unless you are a banana!”. MedINA is not some “overly juiced fruit”. The experience, the ability, the skills and the potential for further development are now there. I hope we are here to look back on 30 years of MedINA, with the same positive outlook”.