Acorn planting with Terra Lemnia

Acorn planting with Terra Lemnia

Terra Lemnia project organised an educational activity on the 12th of November, when 22 high school students of the Department of Agriculture of Moudros Vocational High School participated in an oak planting field trip, completing the first phase of the activity by MedINA’s team.

First, the students collected fallen acorn seeds from the forest of Kontopouli, some of which they, then, under the guidance of the forester and agronomist of Terra Lemnia, planted in Agios Dimitrios. The activity continued in the yard of the school, where the rest of the seeds were planted in tetrapack containers for the purpose of planting the developed oak trees next spring.

We were very happy to carry out this activity and we would like to congratulate the students for their enthusiastic participation, as well as extend a thank you to the school principal for being helpful with the operational part. The field experience is useful for both the students and the team of MedINA, as we are always pleased to plan and implement actions that promote the values of ecological culture and nature’s protection.

The action was warmly embraced by the whole island, through the excellent cooperation with the Municipality of Lemnos and the kind sponsorships of local businesses: Karagiannakis Plant nursery, Hadjigeorgiou estate, wineries Savvoglou and Garali, bakeries Chrysafi and Poriazi, Skafida car rental.

Finally, we thank the Photographic Team of Lemnos for the coverage of the activity.
Here are their photos from the day: