Alexandra Pappa talks about her relationship with MedINA, Aοos River and “Water”

Alexandra Pappa talks about her relationship with MedINA, Aοos River and “Water”

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The word “water” is closely linked with MedINA since its establishment! Alexandra Pappa, an enthusiastic advocate for river “freedom,” has been coordinating all freshwater projects of the organization since 2023.

With her gracious approach, sincere love for rivers and extensive knowledge, she has contributed and gained a lot during her five years with MedINA. Get to know her too!

«My name is Alexandra Pappa, and I am MedINA’s Freshwater Programme Manager (Aqua Vita). For the last 4.5 years I have been a member of MedINA, trying to contribute with my skills to the vision of the organisation for a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Looking back to my first days at the organisation, the first thing that comes to mind is the excitement I felt, working with a very strong interdisciplinary and dedicated team, with tools that would allow me to contribute to the work and goals of MedINA! Today, I feel proud as we are evolving together as a team, achieving challenging goals as an organisation and have a clear strategy and vision for the coming years.

Alexandra at the Aoos river bank, as captured by the photographer
Penelope Thomaidou.

The main project I am working on is the Aoos/Vjosa river project. It is an international effort to protect the transboundary river Aoos and its tributaries in Greece and Albania, which are threatened by plans to build dozens of hydropower plants, as well as other planned projects such as diversions and channelisations. The protection and enhancement of ecosystems that have remained wild and healthy, such as the Aoos River, can help boost the local economy and create new jobs in remote areas, through the promotion of mild and nature-friendly tourism.

So, my collaboration with MedINA is a pleasant journey, not only because I have developed professionally, gaining skills and qualifications for the future, but also because I see that our vision for a harmonious relationship between people and nature can be realised in practice, continuing to inspire and motivate many generations! I therefore wish MedINA a happy and prosperous birthday and may it remain unchanged for generations to come! Happy Birthday MedINA»!

Featured image: Alexandra during the filiming of the episode on Aoos river for the Greek documentary series “Green Stories”.