Aoos in the report of the Green European Foundation

Aoos in the report of the Green European Foundation

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In December 2022, Aoos was featured in the Green European Foundation report, as a good example in the section Ecodemocracy – A just transition for all life, with Dimitris Papageorgiou article, “Example: The River Aoos/Vjosa.

The article refers to the unique characteristics that formulate the Aoos/Vjosa River, to the efforts made by the organisations MedINA, EuroNatur, Riverwatch, EcoAlbania and Pindos Perivallontiki to preserve on both sides of the border those elements that allow the river to remain healthy, to the efforts of other countries to remove from their rivers those dams that are no longer used, but above all to the democratic right of the river itself to exist as it is, without being threatened!

“One wonders why it is so difficult and complicated to claim the right to free expression and movement for an organism other than our own. How much easier it would be to defend and save some of the last refuges of life and freedom if they already had some form of equal representation, as would be appropriate within the rule of law; if the forms of governance of our places, the so-called democracies, took into account other entities with which we coexist and on which we are directly or indirectly dependent; if these democracies worked not only for the landlord, but also for their home, their environment and their fellow citizens; if the Aoos, the Sava, the Soča could defend their right to “walk”, to flow unimpeded, to subsist and keep alive hundreds of ecosystems and with them thousands of species of life, offering, as always, selflessly to human societies”.

Read the full report and article, in English, here.

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