Aoos is home to 5 large mammals

Aoos is home to 5 large mammals

Did you know that the Aoos river basin is home to five large mammals? The Brown Bear, the Grey Wolf, the Wild Boar, the Roe Deer and the Balkan Chamois feed and raise their young in the area.

Brown Bear is an endangered species, protected by National, European and International legislation. It is the only bear species found in mainland Europe!

Grey Wolf is a vulnerable species according to the Greek Red Data Book and fully protected by law. It lives and hunts in packs for better results!

Wild Boar is one of the largest wild herbivores of Greece. During the last years, it has significantly increased in numbers.

Roe Deer hunting has been banned since the late 1960s, yet its Greek population is amongst the most vulnerable in Europe mainly due to poaching and habitat loss.

Balkan Chamois is listed as Near Threatened, while its hunting has been officially forbidden since 1969.

  • Aoos is home to 5 large mammals

? Wild Boar: Charitakis Papaioannou
? All other: Maria Petridou

Hydropower plants are being planned for construction in the Aoos river basin. The construction and operation of river dams will have negative effects on the large mammalian species. Disturbance from human presence, mortality due to traffic collisions, habitat loss due to road development and land use changes are only some of them.

The study on large mammals was conducted by Pindos Perivallontiki and Greek scientists, in the framework of the project ‘Saving Europe’s last free flowing wild river – Vjosa/Aoos’.
Read the full study here!

MedINA and Pindos Perivallontiki are the main Greek partners of the project.