BOOK Culture and wetlands in the Mediterranean: an evolving story

BOOK Culture and wetlands in the Mediterranean: an evolving story

The book is the result of a four-year research project (2007-2011), which concerned mainly the implementation in the Mediterranean Region of the Ramsar Guidance on Culture and Wetlands. It was carried out by Med-INA, the Mediterranean Institute on Nature and Anthropos, with the financial support of the MAVA Foundation.

This multi-author book follows a structure that echoes the Ramsar Guidance and investigates the benefits that can result from following its objectives, analysing various sectors of human activities and more than 20 wetland sites. In addition, it identifies areas in which the guidance provided needs to be strengthened or others that are not yet covered. Most of the 32 authors are wetland experts from many disciplines who have been sensitised to the integrated approach to heritage, both natural and cultural, and have been willing to introduce this new concept of culture in their wetland work. Each chapter and section of the book is introduced by the two editors, Thymio Papayannis, director of Med-INA and coordinator of the Ramsar Culture Working Group and Dave Pritchard, recipient of the Ramsar Award in 2008.

Papayannis, T. and Pritchard, D. (eds) 2011, Culture and Wetlands in the Mediterranean: an Evolving Story, Athens: Med-INA (hard cover and soft cover, 438 pages).

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