Dam Removal webinar

Dam Removal webinar

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MedINA had the pleasure to co-host with the World Fish Migration Foundation a webinar on river barrier removal, in the framework of the project “Scaling up dam removal: implementation plan for South-East Europe”, on Tuesday 4 June 2024.

While the river dam removal movement has a lot of momentum both across the Atlantic and in Europe, Greece is only at the beginning of this effort. While we wait for the ratification of the Nature Restoration Law, which has set a target of restoring 25,000 kilometres of free-flowing rivers by 2030, this project opens up the debate in Greece about the importance of restoring river connectivity for these fragile ecosystems and for people themselves.

At the seminar we had the pleasure of hosting presentations such as: “Barrier removals in Europe: By whom, why, when and benefits” by – Pao Fernandez Garrido, from the World Fish Migration Foundation, “Why did Catalonia start removing barriers and what did it gain from it? ” by – Mónica Bardina, from the Catalan Water Agency, ” European policy support for barrier removal” by Irene Duque, Policy Officer at Wetlands International Europe, “Amber barrier tracker – A tool to record barriers in rivers ” by Phoebus Mouchlianitis, Biologist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and collaborator of the World Fish Migration Foundation and finally on “The current situation in Greece and the potential for action” by Irene Lyratzaki, MedINA partner and project manager in Greece.

We would like to thank the co-organizers from the World Fish Migration Foundation, the European Open Rivers Program, project funders, the presenters and all those who participated and we hope that the webinar will help strengthening the Dam Removal movement in Greece as well!