A thematic Digital Archive about CULTURAL H.ID.RA.N.T

A thematic Digital Archive about CULTURAL H.ID.RA.N.T

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As part of the “Hidden Cultural Identities Reappearing Through Water Networks” (CULTURAL H.ID.RA.N.T) project, MedINA is creating a thematic digital Archive.

The Theme: The Archive will gather records on the history and heritage of the Hadrian’s Aqueduct, as a cultural and water resource, and also testimonies about the experience and relationship of the people of Chalandri with this (almost) invisible monument and, more broadly, with the water element in their area in the past and present times.

The Collection: the Archive will consist of digital copies of records found in public archives and private collections, as well as original digital works of all kinds (e.g. institutions’ documents, newspaper articles, leaflets, maps, drawings, photographs, recordings, videos, artistic creations, scientific studies, etc.).

The archival material may refer to the past and the present, and convey the perspective of the scientific community as well as of the local community and civil society on the subject of the Archive.

The Purpose: The Archive is designed to be a) a freely accessible, easy-to-use online source of knowledge and inspiration for the general public, b) a dynamic repository of history and memory of the society of Chalandri, which will remain open and will continue to be enriched with material after the end of the project, c) a public locus where the meeting of the Hadrian’s Aqueduct with Chalandri becomes the occasion to record and highlight the importance of the water element in the urban environment.

To this end MedINA is asking for people to submit THEIR OWN TESTIMONY through the filling of this online form:


Alternatively, any interested party can contact MedINA by email at: hidrant@med-ina.org

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