Echopolis 2018: International Conference on nature and culture-based strategies and solutions for cities and territories (abstract deadline extended)

Echopolis 2018: International Conference on nature and culture-based strategies and solutions for cities and territories (abstract deadline extended)

On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, SDMed Observation, Planning & Eco-innovation supported by Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and the School of Applied Arts and Culture of the University of West Attica are organising the International Conference “Nature & Culture-based strategies and solutions for cities and territories: An idea whose time has come!” on 26, 27  and 28 November 2018 in Athens. MedINA is a supporter of the conference which aims to attract scientists, academia, policy-makers, representatives of cities and regions together with entreprises, private and social ones and citizens.

The rich natural and cultural heritage is a defining element of the European identity.mIt brings communities together and builds shared understandings of the places we live in. It is
also a very useful territorial resource, key component of the territorial capital of regionsmthat can enhance social cohesion, employment and economic growth and stimulate place-
based policies. Since 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, events are planned allmover Europe to encourage people to discover and engage with Europe’s cultural and natural attractions, so as to enhance our sense of a European belonging.

The Echopolis Conference supports the need to recognise, understand, plan and manage natural and cultural heritage together as an indivisible whole. Nature and culture-based solutions are often less costly, more resilient and more effective in the long term, they can create jobs and economic growth, they can promote frugality of cities and territories.  The event is aiming at bringing together cities and territories that plan or implement innovative nature and culture-based solutions. It will thus attempt to create a forum of exchange and will address the following themes; Natural and tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage as Strategic, Territorial Development Resources, Linking natural and cultural heritage, Natural and cultural heritage : planning, management, governance, marketing, funding, Marine natural and cultural heritage, Cultural heritage, archaeological sites, monuments and lighting, Soundscapes, Lightscapes, Nightscapes as elements of the culture of the places, Shaping places with nature and culture, New mapping and surveying technologies for natural and cultural heritage Geographic Information Systems – PPGIS.

The deadline for abstracts has been extended until the 14th July. Interested parties should send their contribution to to the attention of the Conference manager. Please note Abstracts should have approx.300 words with 4-5 keywords and should be in English, French or Greek.

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