Eva Glykopoulou talks about her recent yet substantial collaboration with MedINA

Eva Glykopoulou talks about her recent yet substantial collaboration with MedINA

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Eva Glykopopoulou joined MedINA’s team approximately 6 months ago, although she had a prior connection with the organisation in some way, having managed the organisation’s social media as an external asssociate.

Today, in her role as Communications Officer, she handles all communication matters with professionalism, willingness and courtesy.

“I think I am the newest – unfortunately not the youngest – associate of MedINA! However, I often feel that I have been working in the organisation for years and that I know the whole team and colleagues in depth.

I got to know MedINA about 1.5 years ago, through a friend and then partner of the organisation. At the time, I was working as a freelancer in communications and digital marketing, industries from which I “come from”. MedINA was looking for an external collaborator to manage their social media and that’s how our paths crossed.

This collaboration lasted for a year, at which point the organisation opened up the position of Communications officer. Without a second thought, I submitted an application of interest and sent my CV, having the biggest motivation to change (once again) the course of my professional life: to continue working with these wonderful people and the so unique MedINA!

The rest, one would think, happened magically on its own. I was called for an interview, we went through all the required procedures – as was the case with all candidates – and a few days later I received a phone call from Lily, who told me that I had been selected for the job.

I will remember for a very long time the joy that overwhelmed me from that phone call! I probably couldn’t believe it! Even though I had already known MedINA’s activities and most colleagues, I started timidly, with a lot of anxiety and stress. Feelings that soon came to be replaced by calmness, the joy of creation, the faith in the effort. Feelings inevitably created by what MedINA stands for, which at the same time characterise all its associates.

Respect for nature, humans, values and all forms of existence is the ultimate characteristic, in my view. This starts with the management and has been transferred to all colleagues, who are such beautiful people anyway!

Before sending my greetings on the 20th anniversary of the organisation, I would like to thank the entire team for their welcome, acceptance and trust. I am very lucky to work at MedINA. In this very different and important organisation, which teaches me something different every day, but most of all I feel that it helps me to become a better person!

I would like to wish MedINA many more creative years, full of effort and meaningful results for nature, people and local communities. I sincerely and wholeheartedly wish it, and I am confident that it will succeed”!