Evi Vlachou sends her own very special wish to MedINA

Evi Vlachou sends her own very special wish to MedINA

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When you visit MedINA, Evi will be there to welcome you! Whenever we need anything in the office, from stationery to technical support, we always turn to Evi! Whether its before contract signing or during business trips, everyone relies on Evi! Even Vaso, from the second floor, calls Evi many times a daydaily!

Evi Vlachou, is our right hand, an unsung hero and a highly valuablevalued associate of MedINA. She has been working with us since 2022, handlilng secretarial and administrative support tasks, in close cooperation with the organisation’s Financial Departmnet.

“I joined MedINA in April 2022, as secretary and administrative assistant, and today finds me in the same position, with the same love for my work and the organisation!

I have many responsibilities at different levels, which gives me the opportunity and pleasure to work with all MedINA colleagues and contribute to all our action areas, working towards our common goal!

What makes MedINA stand out is the quality of the people who make up the team. It is the organisation’s commitment to its values, ideals and vision for a better future.

Happy Birthday, MedINA!

I wish you to continue working so effectively for the wellbeing of local communities and their harmonious coexistence with nature in a healthy environment”!