Fanikos Sakellarakis, Biodiversity, Ecosystems and MedINA

Fanikos Sakellarakis, Biodiversity, Ecosystems and MedINA

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Endless field work, from Paros to Lemnos, then to Milos, Kimolos, Ios, and Sifnos! Well-travelled and well rounded, Fanoikos Sakellarakis contributes his knowledge and expertise as MedINA’s Biodiversity & Ecosystems Expert.

With a background in forestry, natural resource management, and significant experience in vegetation ecology and systematic management of protected areas, he has been collaborating with MedINA since 2022, adding his own chapter to the story!

«My collaboration with MedINA started at the beginning of 2022 and I immediately felt lucky to have the opportunity of working in one of the best environmental NGOs of Greece, as seen by its identity and the success of its activities and projects.

I might not have been in MedINA for very long, but my time here has been substantial and has offered me a lot on a personal level! I remember, for instance, my first visit to Lemnos. In the cradle of traditionally managed agri-food systems, in an incredibly beautiful island where human activities, biodiversity patterns and the landscape seem to have remained unchanged for decades!

I believe that, over these 20 years, MedINA has grown a lot! It has evolved at an organizational level, in terms of communication and management, increasing its action areas in Greece and developing alliances at local, national and international level!

I wholeheartedly wish that it continues to be at the heart of the effort to protect and enhance agri-food systems, being a catalyst in the transnational effort to protect the Aoos River and, at the same time, to promote and implement traditional water management methods, in a context of adaptation of ecosystems and communities to climate change»!