IRF European Riverprize – Rewarding river champions

IRF European Riverprize – Rewarding river champions

The European Riverprize is Europe’s most esteemed award for the restoration, protection or sustainable management of rivers and wetlands across the continent. The International River Foundation is now calling for applications for the 2015 IRF European Riverprize.

Any organisation or partnership involved in the restoration, protection or sustainable management of a freshwater system is encouraged to apply for the Riverprize – regardless of the size of the river or the scale of the work undertaken.

The Riverprize is awarded to the applicant who best demonstrates achievements across a broad range of criteria, including a documented river management framework, evidence of social and economic considerations, an integrated approach to river management, long-term vision, stakeholder engagement and improvements in river health indicators such as water quality, species numbers and pollution levels.

Riverprize winners often attract interest both regionally and worldwide, affording organisations the opportunity to build new partnerships, reinvigorate their programs and continue to make progress well into the future.

In 2014, Thymio Papayannis, Med-INA Director, was a member of the jury for the European Riverprize. The award was given to the Mur River restoration project and specifically to the Office of the Styrian Government and the Frieland Environmental Consulting Civil Engineers Ltd., for its integrated, collaborative approach to the restoration of 22km of the river. The project re-established the river’s natural conditions and restored native habitats, through a collaboration of various stakeholders, while addressing community and development issues.

The 2015 winner will automatically qualify for stage two of the Thiess International Riverprize in 2016, where they will compete against the winners of the Australian Riverprize, the New Zealand Riverprize and the North American Riverprize, among others, for the top prize in river management.

Applications can be made online through the IRF website, and stage one of the application process must be completed by 29 May 2015.