Launch of the Rooted Everyday Creative Writing Competition for adults: #MedStoryPrize

Launch of the Rooted Everyday Creative Writing Competition for adults: #MedStoryPrize

Rooted Everyday is a new environmental campaign launched by a consortium of conservation organisations to raise awareness and celebrate lesser-known Mediterranean heritage and natural resources, whilst highlighting the threat of extinction in both nature and indigenous culture in the campaigns ecoregions.

MedINA has joined forces with WWF, Global Diversity Foundation, DiversEarth and Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon and have launched this new short story competition as an opportunity to raise awareness, encourage understanding and drive efforts towards the protection of Mediterranean culture and biodiversity.

The adult 3000-word short story competition is free to enter for writers over 18, who reside or come from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Greece or Lebanon. The competition opens on April 2nd 2019 and  closes on June 24th. The winners will be announced on October 1st.

There is also a children’s Short Story competition for 7 – 18 year olds with entries sought from school pupils within the Rooted Everyday ecoregions of Lemnos in Greece through the Terra Lemnia project, High Atlas mountains in Morocco, Montados in Portugal and Shouf mountains in Lebanon.

A selection of experienced readers and Judges has been chosen from each country. They will be looking for stories that address the conservation issues highlighted within the Rooted Everyday campaign. The purpose of the prize is to celebrate the rich biodiversity found in these ecoregions and to tell the stories of people whose livelihoods depend on traditional and sustainable practices.

The Judges represent the languages spoken in the Rooted Everyday ecoregions and are writers with background in fiction, non-fiction, journalism, environmental media, publishing, academia and campaign activism.

The judges include Maria Rousakis from Greece, Isabel Minhós Martins from Portugal, Brahim Elboukhari from Morocco, Joaquin Araujo from Spain, Rania Masri from Lebanon and will be chaired by Amy Beeson from UK.

Through writing we can demonstrate the threats that could destroy our natural environment, our traditions and our history. The writers can be like the Mediterranean Sea; a channel for both communication and culture. – Author Maria Rousakis.

Stories that are suitable to be entered for the prize could draw inspiration from the oral tradition of handing down tales in the ecoregions, struggles of the people, the richness of the land and the urgency for preserving it. Stories that are also encouraged could be of travel within the Mediterranean that explore the natural world and reveal the ways in which being rooted can lead to change for people and planet.

Winners will get the opportunity to travel to their national eco-site which includes accommodation and guided tour. The Winner and the finalists will have their stories published in an international eBook.
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