“Let’s Go to School” educational programme at the 9th International Conference on Educational Innovation

“Let’s Go to School” educational programme at the 9th International Conference on Educational Innovation

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With an enthusiastic audience and concurrent presentations of related educational programmes, MedINA presented the programme “Let’s Go to School! The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lemnos in its Schools” on October 21, 2023, during the 9th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation at the University of Thessaly in the city of Larissa. The conference featured speakers from the entire educational community, both domestic and international, with a common purpose: the promotion of educational innovation related to teaching practices and methodology.

The research paper titled “The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lemnos” was presented by Theodora Lyberi, Headmistress of the high school “Argyrios Moschidis”, who embraced the educational programme during the previous school year with her students, and Rafail Giannelis, local Project Manager of MedINA in Lemnos.

Particular emphasis was placed on the way experiential seminars were carried out and on the core objective of the educational programme, which focuses on the relationship between the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lemnos and students as its custodians and continuators. Comprehensive references were also made to all the educational and ethnographic methodsused during the programme, aiming at involving as much as possible the student community in the world of living tradition.

The presentation was integrated into the theme of intercultural education and shared with the wider teaching community the actions that brought the students of Lemnos one step closer to the intangible heritage and the role it plays in sustainable development, and the local economy.

Being open to today’s challenges and invitations, fully aware of our role in times of crisis and transitions, and having in our disposal a corpus of traditional knowledge, as an example of our collaboration with the local community, we want to further cultivate such collaborations, which concern the future of the region and a society that is in flux.

We warmly thank Mrs. Theodora Lyberi for the invitation, Mrs. Vera Dilaris for her invaluable contribution, and the impeccable organizers of the Conference.