MedINA at the 11th Congress of the Hellenic Ecological Society

MedINA at the 11th Congress of the Hellenic Ecological Society

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MedINA participated in the 11th Congress of the Hellenic Ecological Society, which took place in Patras from October 4th to 7th, 2023.

During the Congress, through an oral presentation and four poster presentations, we showcased the results of both completed projects, such as Terra Lemnia, as well as the progress of ongoing ones, as in the case of the stone weirs in the islands of Cyclades. The announcements resulted from the collaboration of 24 different coauthors from MedINA and 11 other organizations, including Universities, Research Centers, and NGOs from four European countries (Greece, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands).

Specifically, the oral presentation focused on the stone weirs project which started on the island of Paros and has now expanded to Ios and Sifnos, while the poster presentations addressed the following topics:

1. How can we easily understand the quality of agricultural practices in a field just by observing the plants? (See the abstract here).

2. How many species of arable weeds exist in the Aegean Archipelago? Which island hosts the most arable weeds in the Aegean? What is the relationship between the island’s size and the number of recorded weeds? (See the abstract here).

3. What populations do farmland birds have on Lemnos? How have their population numbers changed over the years in the island’s agroecosystems? (See the poster here).

4. How has the landscape of agricultural ecosystems changed in two regions of the Aegean in recent decades? Are there similarities between the changes in Lemnos and Lesbos, and are they influenced by the same factors? (See the poster here).

Aneza Koreli and Fanikos Sakellarakis © MedINA.

We are particularly delighted with the poster presentation by Aneza Korali, an undergraduate student of the Department of Biology at the University of Patras. In her short internship at our organization, she managed to conduct a significant analysis of the distribution of arable weeds in the Aegean region!

Here, you can find the conference proceedings for more detailed information.