MedINA at the Landscape Architecture +20 conference

MedINA at the Landscape Architecture +20 conference

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MedINA participated in the conference “Landscape Architecture +20. Education, Research and practice. which was held in Thessaloniki during 2-4 November and was organized by the Joint Postgraduate Program of studies in Landscape Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Τhe conference included various presentations by researchers, professors and students on several thematic sessions around the notion of landscape such as landscape planning and design, landscape policy, landscape as urban strategy, landscape in technical works development, etc.

MedINA’s landscape researcher and GIS expert Thymios Dimopoulos had the opportunity to present an integrated approach on definition of landscape quality objectives with the participation of the local community. The methodology used in the landscape study of the Municipality of Prespes was presented. The study is part of the project “Landscape Public Participation Tools – LPPT” which is funded by the Active citizens fund and is implemented by MedINA and its partner the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) in collaboration with Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation.

Our presentation included the methodological steps that were necessary to define the 6 Quality Objectives for the landscapes of the municipality of Prespes, as well as the qualitative and quantitative analysis tools that were used during the study and the participation procedures that were implemented. Finally, the importance of integrated approaches was highlighted along with the difficulties that such an endeavor holds. Moreover, it was highlighted that continuity during these processes is important as citizens need to see in the final product specific recommendations associated with their participation.

The establishment of such approaches, which include public participation, is necessary for planning in order to adress the desires and needs of local communities and create coherence and trust.