MedINA at the Training workshop on Climate change with AMNC

MedINA at the Training workshop on Climate change with AMNC

MedINA is participating at the “Training workshop on Climate change, Nature based solutions, CO2 & soil practices (Onsite)” , which is taking place on 22 – 24 November 2021 at Tour du Valat, France.

Cultural landscapes prove to be beneficial to both the conservation of biodiversity and the livelihoods of the local communities. Through the connection between nature and culture, they deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to the society. Their sustainability is under threat from many different factors, including the current changes to the climate. However, cultural landscapes have great potential to play an important role in climate change resilience.

This three-day capacity building is designed for the partners of the Alliance of Mediterranean Nature & Culture (AMNC), interested in understanding the aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation. The objective is to develop the capacity of the partners in developing nature-based climate change action plans and to establish a baseline for monitoring climate change in their cultural landscapes and translating their work in climate change terms.

The focus of the workshop will be on the following subjects (both at theoretical and practical level): 1. How to contribute to reduce CO2. How to store carbon in the soils (practices that will contribute to do it). 2. How to develop a management plan for a more resilient landscape. Examples of managements. Nature Based Solutions. The objectives we want to achieve are:

  • Learn about all aspects of Climate Change -mitigation, resilience and adaptation and the role of Nature Based solutions
  • Increase skills in developing nature-based climate change action plans
  • A list of practical ideas to be implemented in the field. Such as Regenerative livestock farming (CO2 sequestration) and Keyline systems to increase the moisture content of agricultural land
  • Methodologies to measure the impact of Climate Change on natural ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Establish a baseline for the monitoring of Climate Change and translate the work in Climate Change terms