MedINA launches the INCREAte approach for nature and culture

MedINA is delighted to announce the launch of its newly developed approach for designing nature conservation projects and beyond. The INCREAte approach aims to support and enrich the protection and management of the natural environment, by focusing not only on environmental but also cultural aspects and on the involvement of local communities and stakeholders. The purpose of the INCREAte approach is to guide its users towards a better design of integrated and effective nature protection and conservation projects. It is therefore mainly targeted at organizations dealing with the management and protection of the natural environment; however it contains useful insight for cultural heritage management organizations and other stakeholders that design projects.
The INCREAte approach was created by MedINA’s scientific team and is part of a wider program for the joint management of nature and culture funded by the MAVA Foundation. The approach  consists of six steps that can be applied both cyclically and individually, to enrich existing nature protection programs, allowing the user to choose the steps and/or the tools they need.
For an extended overview of the approach as well as the “INCREAte Application Manual & Toolkit” please visit
MedINA’s scientific team has also created an original, online application that allows the user to describe and evaluate the links between the elements of nature and the elements of culture. This application, also hosted on the website, called INCREAte Matrix for Nature-Culture links and is available here: