MedINA participates in TEDxPatras 2023!

MedINA participates in TEDxPatras 2023!

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How can we support a transition to nature positive agri-food systems? What is the role of civil society organisations in this transition? Which areas demand coordinated action to ensure a better future for all?

MedINA is pleased to participate in this year’s TEDxPatras by organising a participatory workshop titled “Sustainable agri-food systems: Citizens in action”. The workshop aims to highlight in an interactive way, how the way we produce and consume our food impacts both our health and that of the planet, being a major driver of biodiversity loss and climate change, accounting for approximately 1/3 of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

MedINA will invite participants to take on different roles, reflect, collaborate and propose their own ideas for action, aiming for a fuller understanding of the factors influencing the critical issue of securing sustainable agrifood systems.

Rigas Zafeiriou, Sustainable Food Systems Programme Manager
Miranda Vatikioti, Project Manager & Community Engagement Expert
Lily Mordechai, Head of Development and Communications