MedINA talks on TV about Aoos/Vjosa

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MedINA was a guest of the Ο3 TV show on the national TV channel ΕΡΤ3 to talk about the river Aoos/Vjosa.

Our message is “NO” to hydropower dams on Aoos / Vjosa river.

The Aoos / Vjosa river is one of the last free-flowing rivers in Europe. It springs in Greece and discharges in Albania.

Civil society and environmental organizations in Greece and Albania raise awareness about the adverse effects of hydropower plants and call for support!

Dams affect both biodiversity and the local communities living along the rivers, since they do not allow them to function normally and to prevent natural disasters when possible.

In order to protect and conserve Aoos / Vjosa, we are visioning -along with our partners- the creation of the first transboundary wild river park in Europe and we are calling for support.

We thank O3 for the invitation and the chance to talk about this urgent matter.

Watch the full show here.

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