MedINA to participate in the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week in Montenegro

MedINA to participate in the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week in Montenegro

The 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week will take place in Ulcinj, Montenegro, from 24 to 29 October and will bring together plant scientists, site managers, local populations and civil society organisations with the objective of building a network to conserve plants and cultural diversity across the Mediterranean region.

Organised by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, Global Diversity Foundation and Plantlife Green Home, this meeting, will help set a framework for dialogue among stakeholders and raise awareness about the valuable role that plants play as part of Mediterranean biodiversity and the livelihoods of people, by providing them with essential ecosystem services. The participants will share successful examples of plant conservation with local communities, and will explore actions to promote and encourage plant conservation all around the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture – part of the organising committee of this event – will actively participate in Session 2 “Cultural practices for conservation in the Mediterranean region” and its members will present aspects of their common projects as well as other activities they are involved in. This session will be chaired by Liza Zogib from DiversEarth with presentations from the Yolda Initiative (Turkey), Trashumancia y Naturaleza (Spain), SPNL (Lebanon), MedINA and WWF North Africa.

George Dimitropoulos from MedINA will present the case of Mount Athos, internationally known for its spiritual and cultural heritage as well as for its pristine ecosystems and high degree of endemism, as an interesting example of community management of a sacred site. Thymio Papayannis, MedINA’s director, is assisting the Holy Community of Mount Athos by coordinating a major study and integrated management plan for the cultural and natural heritage of the area, in accordance with World Heritage Committee requirements.

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