MedINA’s Freshwater Programme at the forefront of information

MedINA’s Freshwater Programme at the forefront of information

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In light of the announcements regarding MedINA’s new project, “Scaling up dam removal: implementation plan for Southeastern Europe” and the designationof part of the catchment area of the transboundary river Aoos in Greece as a Protected Landscape and Protected Natural Formation, the organisation has recently gained attention from the public and the media.

More specifically, on Tuesday, November 21, Alexandra Pappa, Freshwater Programme Manager at MedINA, was hosted on ERT channel and the journalist Katerina Christofilidou in the “Environment” insert. She presented the aims and activities of theproject on scaling up dam removal in Southeastern Europe and highlighted the new EU Nature Restoration Law which calls for river restoration. As Alexandra Pappa argued, among other things, “It is very important to preserve natural ecosystems and rely on nature-based solutions to address the challenges of climate change. If there is a reason for human intervention in a river, it should be to restore the natural functions of ecosystems that are being lost, not to burden them”.

Excerpt from the insert “Environment” © ERT.

On Tuesday, November 28, journalist and anchor of the main newcast of Epirus TV1, Yiota Stavrou, had a live conversation with Alexandra Pappa. Through this dialogue, she provided MedINA with the opportunity to inform the local community about the significant developments in the Aoos River and its designation as a Protected Landscape and Protected Natural Formation. She also discussed the next steps aiming to designate the entire river as a National Park—the highest protection status. Alexandra Pappa stated, “In order for this significant decision, by the Ministry of Environment and Energy to be effective, it needs to be specified by the Minister of Environment and Energy with terms and restrictions that will prohibit further interventions in the natural flow of the Aoos river basin, such as Small Hydropower Plants (SHPs), regulations, channelizations, straightenings, and similar actions. A free-flowing river system, such as the Aoos, must be preserved and maintained in its natural and wild form to protect us from natural phenomena like floods. An undisturbed river system can offer countless benefits to both current and future generations”.

Excerpt from the main newscast © Epirus TV1.

The support of MedINA’s actions, by print and electronic media, was also encouraging. Particular interest was shown for issues related to the free flow of rivers, featuring them in numerous posts, articles and publications.

Indicatively, the press releases sent by the organization were posted on the news and special interest portals of the following national media: Athens Macedonian News Agency, ERT NEWS, NAFTIEMPORIKI, EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON, MAKEDONIA, Oikonomikos Tachydromos, SKAI, ATHENS VOICE, Athens – News.GR, B2Green,,, ecopress, ESG+stories,, insider, Reporter, RE+D magazine.

Moreover, there have been many publications in newspapers of the Region, specifically in Epirus, with corresponding posts on their online editions. Among these publications are the following: ANEXARTITOS TYPOS EPIROU, ELEFTHERIA EPIROU, EPIROTIKOS AGON, PROINA NEA IOANNINON, EPIRUSGATE,,, epirusonline,, EPIRUS TV NEWS.

Finally, the newspaper Free Sunday and journalist Deppy Kourellou dedicated a two-page feature to the Aoos River and dam removal through an interview with Alexandra Pappa, representing MedINA.

We would like to warmly thank all the media for their collaboration and substantial support in our efforts. The information and awareness raised by the media are crucial tools for the effective protection of the environment.