Memorandum of Understanding for Culture and Education on the island of Lemnos

Memorandum of Understanding for Culture and Education on the island of Lemnos

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Press Release

Athens, October 31, 2023 – On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) and Places & Traces signed a Memorandum of Understanding at MedINA’s offices in Athens.

The idea of this partnership has matured over the past few months, following fruitful exchanges of ideas and expertise between the two organizations within the framework of their cooperation on the “Where is Ypsipyli hiding?” cultural education programme.

This programme, implemented for the third consecutive school year on Lemnos with local primary and secondary schools, is based on an idea from Places & Traces. It is implemented in collaboration with public and private partners, civil society organizations, scientists, and creators. The programme aims to contribute to the formulation of a contemporary interdisciplinary narrative that highlights the identity of Lemnos and strengthens the sense of belonging among its residents.

MedINA, on its part, has been carrying out a series of projects and actions on Lemnos since 2017 with the objective of sustainable development of the island’s food system. Through a holistic approach, these projects highlight the cultural heritage and agri-food identity of the region, empower producers and local communities, and support the island’s productive and healthy agroecosystems.

Alexis Katsaros with Rigas Zafeiriou, Manager of the sustainable food systems programme of MedINA, and Angeliki Tseliou.
© Rigas Zafeiriou | MedINA

As stated in the MoU and reiterated during their meeting, MedINA’s Executive Director, Alexis Katsaros, and Places & Traces Coordinator, Angeliki Tseliou, have agreed to broaden the scope of their cooperation “with the goal of further enhancing and promoting the identity of the place and its intangible cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the island (i.e., Lemnos), with children and young people being the primary target audience and, by extension, the local community”.

In order to effectively serve the objectives of the MoU, the two parties have agreed on designing and implementing innovative cultural, educational, and knowledge co-creation projects.

In this framework, right after signing the Memorandum, the two organizations will focus on the implementation of Chapter III of the educational programme “Where Is Ypsipyli Hiding?” (2023-24), the development of educational and awareness raising activities about natural and cultural heritage for residents and visitors of Lemnos, and the extension of networks and coalitions, both on Lemnos with local partners and the Local Government, as well as with interested stakeholders at the national and international levels.

The working group, composed of representatives from both parties, shares the intention for this MoU to serve as a catalyst for further synergies on Lemnos with the objective of supporting the local community and addressing contemporary challenges.