MedINA in the newspaper TO VIMA, on Sunday, 16 July 2023

MedINA in the newspaper TO VIMA, on Sunday, 16 July 2023

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MedINA was “hosted” on the pages of the newspaper TO VIMA of Sunday, on July 16 2023, through the very interesting reportage of journalist Dimitris Galanis “Living in the villages of the great exodus”, on the abandonment of the countryside.

The report captures in a vivid way the real picture of the depopulation and abandonment of the Greek countryside, through the eyes of the inhabitants. By talking with the residents of Grevena, it showcases the problems that arise for local communities and the young people who work there, as well as the reasons that led to this abandonment.

Rigas Zafeiriou, Programme Manager for Sustainable Food Systems at MedINA made an extensive comment about uncultivated lands in remote insular and mountainous areas. In recent years, we are not only experiencing the decline of farms, but we are in the era of the threat of the complete disappearance of our rural culture. As stated in the article: “… along with the land, a whole world is being abandoned, a way of life that is being left behind for good”. Through the Terra Graeca programme we are working to keep Greece’s agroecosystems productive and healthy, while empowering local communities.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to the journalist Dimitris Galanis and the newspaprer TO VIMA for giving us the opportunity to contribute to such a crucial issue, pointing out our views through years of study and experience.

Photos: Newspaper clipping ©TO VIMA.