Participation of MedINA in the 2nd Revision of RBMPs

Participation of MedINA in the 2nd Revision of RBMPs

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MedINA, as part of its main Aqua Vita project for freshwater, participated in the 2nd Revision of the River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) – which was open for public consultation until 30 November 2023 – by submitting its comments and proposals to the 14 Water Departments of Greece.

Specifically, in the Water Region of Epirus, our comments focus on the Aoos River Basin and our proposals concern:

  • The hydromorphological alterations caused by the development of Small Hydropower Projects (SHPs) and channelization projects.
  • The Konitsa Irrigation Dam, which lacks an ecological flow and a fish ladder.
  • The Aoos Springs hydroelectric dam, which lacks ecological flow.
  • The Konitsa landfill, which repeatedly pollutes surface and ground water.

Read our detailed comments and proposals for the Aoos river here.

In addition, in the Aegean Islands Water Region, we have proposed the reintroduction of the traditional practice of stone-built weirs in ephemeral streams as a nature-based solution.

Read our documentation on the Aegean Islands Water Region, here.

Lastly, in each of the country’s 14 Water Departments, we documented and proposed as key actions:

  • A detailed inventory of artificial barriers in each river basin of the country.
  • The removal of obsolete artificial barriers from rivers and streams to restore hydromorphological alterations and river connectivity, in line with the guidelines of the European Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 and the new EU Nature Restoration Law.

Read our comments and proposals on the removal of artificial barriers from rivers here.

The development and implementation of River Basin Management Plans is a prerequisite for achieving good water status, an obligation for Member States under the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.