Off your Map campaign

Advocating for the importance of Mediterranean coastal wetlands

Off your Map campaign

Project description

Off Your Map is a collaboration between fifteen partners, supported and funded by the MAVA Foundation as part of its Mediterranean Strategy on coastal and island wetlands. It aims to raise awareness on the critical role coastal wetlands play as resilient, nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change, and advocates for a more effective conservation of these natural habitats rich in biodiversity and cultural attributes. 

The pilot sites represented in the campaign are:

  • Coastal wetlands of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy.
  • Ghar el Melh lagoon, Tunisia.
  • Bojana-Buna delta, Albania and Montenegro.
  • Ulcinj salina, Montenegro.

MedINA is a member of the task force for the communication drive and was involved in the creation of the campaign and its subsequent implementation. It also created an animated video  Wetlands and people: A Vital Connection  which describes the cultural heritage wetlands preserve, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia through the ages of Mediterranean history, together with their deep interconnectedness with human societies and the threats they face.