Rooted Everyday Communications Campaign

Raising awareness on Mediterranean cultural landscapes

Rooted Everyday Communications Campaign

Project description

Rooted Everyday is an environmental communications campaign launched by a consortium of Mediterranean conservation organisations – MedINA, WWF, Global Diversity Foundation, Divers Earth, GOB Menorca and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon. The campaign is funded by the MAVA Foundation for Nature as part of a wider Mediterranean partnership within its sustainable land-use practices programme that aims to celebrate lesser-known Mediterranean heritages and natural resources, whilst simultaneously highlighting the need to protect sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

MedINA is the project coordinator for the Rooted Everyday campaign. All Mediterranean partners have united their local biodiversity projects in Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Portugal under this initiative, which is taking direct action against biodiversity loss caused by habitat destruction, chemical pollution, invasive species and climate change by driving efforts towards the protection of Mediterranean culture and biodiversity through forest protection, land restoration, and soil and water management.

The focus of Rooted Everyday is to examine primary sector practices with an emphasis on agriculture, livestock farming and logging in the following pilot areas of the Mediterranean programme: Mount Shouf in Lebanon, the High Atlas in Morocco and the areas of Dehesa and Montado in Spain and Portugal.

The goal of the campaign is to inspire people to connect to nature and to form an ethical global community that celebrates different cultures and supports biodiversity by showing the true value of reconnecting to the lands that sustain humankind. Through an exploration of traditional farming practices, local gastronomy and oral tradition, Rooted Everyday aims to inform and encourage the public to engage with nature, cultural heritage and biodiversity through sustainable rural development.

In April 2019, the campaign launched the Mediterranean’s first environment-themed short story competition, the #MedStoryPrize. The purpose of the prize was to celebrate the rich biodiversity found in the Rooted Everyday eco-regions and to tell the stories of those people whose livelihoods depend on traditional and sustainable practices. A judging panel of acclaimed authors selected a Mediterranean winner and an e-book with the best stories of the competition was published in October 2019. In parallel, a writing competition for children of two different age groups (8-13 and 14-18) was launched regionally in the pilot sites of Lebanon, Greece, Portugal and Morocco, which then awarded national winners.

In June 2020, Rooted Everyday launched the #MedFoodHeroes digital campaign which celebrated the rich Mediterranean cuisine and its benefits to both people and the planet by supporting small sustainable producers. The digital activity took place 15-27 June 2020 and engaged a list of Mediterranean ambassadors, amongst whom were renowned Mediterranean chefs, food bloggers and foodies who endorsed the campaign. The online Share A Dish Night events held on Facebook and Instagram on June 26th and 27th brought together food lovers from across the globe for the live cooking shows, enjoying a night of trying sustainably prepared Mediterranean recipes and exchanging information and tips on traditional production practices and the use of local ingredients. A cookbook featuring all the recipes that were presented during the campaign is available for free download.