Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market

Promoting the local agrifood culture for sustainable development

Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market

“Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market” aims to empower farmers on Lemnos and Kythera in multiple ways and to foster the sustainable development of the islands’ food systems.
Intensive food production systems pose a threat to 24,000 of the 28,000 endangered species and account for 26% of total greenhouse gas emissions. In Greece, agriculture is the most significant threat to Natura 2000 conservation areas and the second most significant to biodiversity.

The transition to sustainable farming practices is urgently needed. Likewise, the support of agricultural production in remote and insular areas is pivotal, in order to ensure social cohesion, preserve agrifood heritage and create opportunities for young producers and “Terra Graeca: Small Farms to Market” builds on the insights gained in MedINA’s previous projects Terra Lemnia and Terra Kytheria, which were implemented in Lemnos and Kythera respectively, and includes the following actions:  

Α. Promotion of Terra Vita certification and certified products
The “Terra Vita” certification was developed by MedINA and it is applied to farms, which follow traditional and sustainable farming practices, which support biodiversity and conserve agricultural landscapes. Terra Vita certification is the first of its kind in Greece and is currently being implemented by 40 farmers and stock breeders on Lemnos and Kythera.
The valorisation and added value of these products is a driver of sustainable development of the islands, directly supporting local farmers. Therefore, the project aims at promoting the certification and the certified products on local, national and international markets, participating in food exhibitions and building direct connections with consumer groups.

B. Support for small-scale producers to exploit the potentials of on farm artisanal processing
On-farm artisanal processing enables small-scale vertical integration of the production and processing of unique local products, with multiple benefits for the farmers, such as added value, risk reduction etc. During the project, capacity building and advisory will be offered to producers.

C. Development of an agrifood tourism experience
The promotion of Lemnos’ unique living agrifood heritage can become a lever for the sustainable development of the island. Culinary tourism is rapidly developing on a global scale and Lemnos has the potential to become a leading culinary destination. We are going to carry out a series of actions in order to create a collaborative network of different relevant professionals (producers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, small retailers etc.) build capacity in agritourism and create a pilot food trail.

The project “Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market” is implemented with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

Together we envision thriving local communities in productive and healthy agroecosystems.