Terra Vita

Agricultural Tradition & Biodiversity

Terra Vita

The “Terra Vita – Agricultural Tradition & Biodiversity” certification was developed with the aim of empowering farmers to transition to sustainable agriculture and innovate, while leveraging local agroecological knowledge and showcasing their food heritage.

Terra Vita applies to foods produced in Greece using traditional and sustainable agricultural management methods that benefit biodiversity and the landscape. The certification system combines compulsory and non-obligatory standards concerning environmental protection, sustainable resource management as well as the safeguarding of unique local cultural elements linked to the food products. Terra Vita is geared towards enterprises in the field of crop production, livestock farming and food processing.

The Terra Vita certification was developed by MedINA with the support of the Certification Body TUV Austria Hellas and a multidisciplinary team of experts. A certification ecosystem has been established to accommodate an effective certification process, from the producers, to accredited certification bodies, new value chains and the consumers. Smart tools have been specifically designed to support the certification, like the ‘FarmGeoBalance’, developed by the University of the Aegean.

In Greece, every region boasts unique food products, which are distinctive elements of its food culture, environment and history. These products have the potential to make the region widely known as a culinary destination. Terra Vita certification provides the opportunity to producers to showcase their products, as a comprehensive food palette, which represents their region. With the certification, a network of sustainable food production hubs in different regions is being built across Greece. Currently, the certification is being applied on Lemnos and Kythera islands.