Take action to #RestoreNature in Europe

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“To realize this dream
we have a long way to go.
Now is our moment,
let’s Restore Nature’s glow!”

In recent years the efforts made to protect and restore nature are continuous, intensive, and collective. Numerous organizations, members of the local and international scientific communities and thousands of citizens have rallied together το support the #RestoreNature campaign. Nature needs to regain its lost glory, maintaining healthy ecosystems and being the pillar of our planet’s biodiversity.

As part of these efforts, on June 27, the 88 MEPs of the ENVI committee voted on the amendments that have been proposed in the text of the Nature Restoration Law (that they started voting on the 15th of June). The result was the rejection of the report with 44:44 votes (same votes as on the15th of June). This result is still a victory for nature, as a proposal for the Nature Restoration Law will go to Plenary for a final vote by all 700+ MEPs. This result presents an opportunity to adopt a more consistent and ambitious text in Plenary on the 12th of July 2023.

Thus, as we are now entering in the last week before the Plenary in Strasbourg -and since we are betting everything on this vote, what we do in these days will fundamentally influence the outcome- we call on you to take action and tell your decision-makers to #RestoreNature now! You are just one step away from making a difference for nature: Follow the link below, sign and become a link in the chain for nature: https://www.restorenature.eu/en/take-action