Rooted Everyday #MedStoryPrize announces shortlist for 2019

Rooted Everyday #MedStoryPrize announces shortlist for 2019

The shortlist, which features a diverse range of voices and nationalities, is as follows:

  • White Ground by Popi Aroniada, Greece
  • The Shepherd by Abdelhakim Barnous, Morocco
  • The First Day by Maria de Fátima Candeias, Portugal
  • Salted Grasshopper by Aziz Charhabil, Morocco
  • Gone by Maria Dalamitrou, Greece
  • Antagonisms by Pablo Garrido, Spain
  • The Magic Bag by Amar Hommany, Morocco
  • The Meadow by Blanca Amelia Marques, Spain
  • Rulfo by Ana Catarina Milhazes, Portugal
  • Plant Wisdom by Jose Ruiz Rosa, Spain
  • The Treasure by Sophia Sifaki, Greece

Winners will get the opportunity to travel to their national eco-site, which includes accommodation and a guided tour. The Winner and the finalists will have their stories published in an international eBook.

The judges for the 2019 #MedStoryPrize, who are all passionate about giving a platform to new writers who care about the environment and cultural heritage, are as follows:

  • Joaquín Araújo, writer, journalist and editor, Spain
  • Amy Beeson, author, Chair of Judhges, UK
  • Brahim Elboukhari, poet author and teacher, Morocco
  • Dr Rania Masri, political ecologist, environmental justice activist, Lebanon
  • Isabel Minhós Martins, author and publisher Planeta Tangerina, Portugal
  • Maria Rousakis, author, Greece

The NEW ‘Rooted Everyday Mediterranean Short Story Prize’ is the first environment-themed Mediterranean writing competition. Its aim is to celebrate and protect the rich culture and biodiversity found in Mediterranean eco-regions.

The Chair of the Rooted Everyday Mediterranean Short Story Prize Amy Beeson said: “Stories change how we see the world. It’s urgent for our survival that more people see what’s truly at stake for people and planet and engage with it emotionally and personally.”

Explaining why the Rooted Everyday campaign wanted to make creative writing part of the campaign, Lily Mordechai Scientific Secretariat with MedINA said: “By engaging writers and creative individuals we hope we will not only raise awareness but also hear stories of how people experience and perceive biodiversity and heritage in the Mediterranean.”

Rooted Everyday would like to thank all the writers who entered the competition. It is motivating to read how diverse experiences create a common conscience. Thank you for encouraging us to continue working towards our goals.

The winner of the prize will be announced on October 1st 2019.

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