Sarantaporos Science Week 2024!

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Sarantaporos Science Week 2024 is approaching! Stay tuned!

The Sarantaporos River has recently been designated as a Protected Natural Formation and Protected Landscape.

However, it is still threatened by ~30 planned small hydropower projects (out of the ~50 that threaten the whole Aoos basin)!

The #SarantaporosScienceWeek comes to fill important gaps in scientific knowledge about the biodiversity and natural processes of the river, in order to document and highlight its ecological value!

The aim is the effective, full protection and conservation of the transboundary Aoos/Vjosa River!

Read Sarantaporos Science Week’s press release, here.

24 June 2024

🌊 The #SarantaporosScienceWeek is right behind the corner!

60+ scientists from Greece, Albania and the rest of Europe will discover the secrets of Aoos’ “big brother”, the Sarantaporos River! 🌍🔬

🏕️📆 7 days of exploration, more than 50 km of unexplored river and streams, in the heart of Northern Pindos, in Mastorochoria region, from 28 June to 5 July!

Join us in this journey to protect the last free-flowing river of Europe – the Aoos/Vjosa! 🌊💚

🙌 In cooperation with EuroNatur, Riverwatch and EcoAlbania, as part of  Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign.

28 June 2024

Day 1 #SarantaporosScienceWeek!

🌊🌳🔍 Sarantaporos Science Week is now a reality!

All set for an exciting week of discoveries! 🔍🌱

Let’s raise our voices for the complete protection of the Sarantaporos and the unique Aoos/Vjosa river system! 💚🌊

29 June 2024

Day 2: Everyone is here. The Sarantaporos just started revealing its secrets!

30 June 2024

Day 3: About 60 scientists of different expertise are collecting biodiversity data.  They regularly find amazing species!

Photo credits © Ulrich Eichelmann

Our Sarantaporos research is spreading across the whole river basin!

In addition, we ventured into an ancient sulfuric hydrogen cave exploring hidden wonders satteling the border of Greece and Albania!

Photo credits: 1-7, 9 © Joshua David Lim / 8 © Jens Bokelaar

1 July 2024

Day 4: Above and bellow ground, our research teams are continuing gathering important data!

3 July 2024

Day 5: From birds to moths and from water quality to water flow, our team keeps gathering valuable data for one of Balkans’ most wild freshwater ecosystems!

4 July 2024

Day 6: After a long week meandering with Sarantaporos, we are slowly heading towards the end of our Science Week, constantly being surprised by new findings.

5 July 2024

Dear Sarantaporos, it was a pleasure 🙏 We ‘ll all do our best to keep your free flowing waters and spirit alive!

Read our joint press release, here.

16 July 2024

🌿 An unforgettable week has concluded just a few days ago on the Sarantaporos river!

🤝 4 environmental organizations joined forces with science, with a common vision to create the first Transboundary Wild River Park in Europe, Aoos/Vjosa!

💪The data collected will form the basis of our efforts for a #river free from dams and other projects that hinder its natural functions and alter its natural character!

It wasn’t just us, though! SarantaporosScienceWeek was actively supported by:
🏚️ local community members, who have taken action to protect this unique river system!
📰 Greek and foreign journalists who accompanied us, enabling our voices to be heard louder!
Photographers/videographers, who tirelessly captured every moment to share it with you!
✍ writers, who recorded this week as part of the Aoos/Vjosa story
🎨 artists, who highlighted the action through a contemporary and artistic lens!
🎶 musicians, who pushed us to make a great chain of joy and optimism through tradition!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

This week filled us with more hope and strength to continue our efforts 💙