Summer celebration of the programme “Where is Ypsipyli hiding?”

Summer celebration of the programme “Where is Ypsipyli hiding?”

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The summer celebration of the educational programme Where is is Ypsipyli hiding?” will take place on Monday, August 21, at 20:00, at the Prehistoric Settlement of Myrina, organized by Places & Traces.

After travelling with Ypsipyli through the first two Chapters, which are completed, we will set sail for Chapter III, which begins with the new school year. We will also have the opportunity to envision the future of Lemnos togehter and to co-design the promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of the island.

Rafail Giannelis, MedINA’s project officer in Lemnos, will participate in the event, talking about the cooperation within the framework of Ypsipyli as well as the projects of the organization for the safeguarding of the island’s agrifood culture, from 2017 to date.

The programme “Where is Ypsipyli hidden?” is being implemented from 2022 in Lemnos, inviting residents and visitors to a journey of discovery of the multiple “stories” of the island, with the help of schoolchildren aged 8-18 years old.

It is based on an idea of Places & Traces, is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Lemnos and is supported by an interdisciplinary team of experts and the Department of Archaeology and History of Art of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. MedINA participated in Chapter II, with an experiential presentation about the agroecosystem of mandra, which lies the heart of the agricultural life of Lemnos, highlighting the environmental value of the rural landscapes of the island.