TEDxPatras: MedINA could not be absent from an event which “bridges”!

TEDxPatras: MedINA could not be absent from an event which “bridges”!

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With the theme “Bridging Within”, TEDxPatras – one of the largest events in Western Greece – took place on December 9 at the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras, with more than 1,300 participants. MedINA was present, responding to the organizers’ call for inspiration, new ideas, and effective action! More specifically, at our booth in the Community Alley, we had the opportunity to present our work on sustainable food systems, engage in conversations, and exchange views with participants and stakeholders on current issues related to agriculture and nutrition.

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In parallel, we organized the interactive workshop “Sustainable agrifood systems: Citizens in action”, during which TEDxsters, working in groups, reflected and collaborated to propose their own actions for building sustainable food systems. Through an imaginative and targeted role-playing game, they were asked to step into our shoes and –taking as an example the case of Lemnos- create their own fictional Civil Society Organization, creatively responding to a timely, complex, and critical issue.

The results were impressive. Despite the heterogeneous composition of the group, consisting of individuals with different expertise, everyone engaged with remarkable focus on the task, embraced the role-playing game with enthusiasm, demonstrating that the issue of food systems matters to people, triggers deep dialogue and mobilizes citizens. While we played with a fictional role-playing scenario, the ideas presented by the groups were realistic and actionable – as was the awareness and knowledge they gained.

We would like to thank TEDxPatras for the invitation, hospitality, and the opportunity to present our workThe experience was unique!