Terra Vita’s gastronomic treasures featured at Food Expo 2024

Terra Vita’s gastronomic treasures featured at Food Expo 2024

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Rusks, flomaria, trachanas, flour, olive oil, melichloro and kalathaki cheese! These delicious traditional Lemnian and Kytherian products, all Terra Vita certified, were displayed over the weekend of 9-11 March 2024 at the largest Food & Beverage Exhibition in Southeastern Europe, Food Expo 2024, which attracted more than 34,000 visitors, 3,500 food retailers and 2,500 international buyers.

Through the participation of the Region of North Aegean, MedINA presented -at its own booth- the certified products of Poriazis Bakery & Stafylis Dairy and the olive oil of the Agricultural Cooperative of Livadi in Kythera, supporting local producers and promoting sustainable farming methods, with respect to nature and our agri-food heritage. The theme of this year’s exhibition was the Mediterranean diet, which the Terra Vita certification seeks to preserve, not only by promoting authentic traditional products, but also by reinforcing the original, sustainable way of their production and processing.

During the exhibition, many visitors were delighted by the tastes of the products and -at the same time- were impressed by the philosophy of the innovative MedINA certification, which combines in a unique way sustainable farming practices with our living agricultural tradition. It is worth noting that all consumers, while tasting Terra Vita products, expressed interesting opinions about them and how they can be further improved.

In addition, substantial contacts were made with food retailers, catering and agri-food professionals, while producers from other areas expressed strong interest in the certification scheme. Finally, the certified products were presented at the food stage of Hall 1, during the official presentation of all producers of the Region of North Aegean.

We were honoured by the presence of friends and colleagues, as well as representatives of institutions. More specifically, the Regional Governor of North Aegean, Mr. Moutzouris, the Deputy Regional Governor of Product Promotion, Mr. Nyktas, the President of the Chamber of Lesvos, Mr. Myrsinias, and Mr. Orfanidis, member of the Chamber of Lesvos.

The presentation of the certification and the products was made by Danae Sfakianou, Agronomist and Terra Vita Certification Manager, Dimitris Moustakis, Marketing Consultant, and Rigas Zafeiriou, Agronomist and Agri-food Systems Manager of MedINA. Also, Vassilis Stafylis and his partners presented their unique cheese products at the stand.

We would like to warmly thank the Region of North Aegean for providing us with the opportunity to participate and further promote the certified Terra Vita products.

After Nicosia and Athens, the journey of certification continues! Next stop is London and the IFE 2024 exhibition, 25-27 March 2024 – the ultimate business event with fine food and beverages from all over the world. Certification knows no borders, with Lemnian and Kytherian products ready to win over the British public!

The promotion of the Terra Vita – Agricultural Tradition & Biodiversity certification and the certified products is supported by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.