The narration of Vaso Zembeki and the collaboration with MedINA

The narration of Vaso Zembeki and the collaboration with MedINA

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Vaso Zebeki, one of MedINA’s and Thymio Papayiannis’ longest-standing collaborators, holds a special place within the team.

She is usually the first person to arrive in the office and the last to leave because most of the time she has a lot on her plate. looWe know that putting her thoughts into words for this campaign was challenging and took a lot of convincing but the resultis definetly worthwhile!

“I was asked to write a couple of words about MedINA’s 20 years… I admit that it is not very easy for me (because of my character), but I will give it a try because I think it’s worth the effort…

I remember my first day at the organisation (it’s been several years, but let’s not talk about this), how good an impression I got from the people I first met and how comfortable I felt from the first moment. They introduced me to the organisation and explained the requirements of my position and what was expected from me. I must admit that what I was told sounded simple and I eagerly expressed my interest for the job. How was I to know “what was waiting for me”…

I was integrated into a relatively small organisation, with B-class accounting books, which little by little got bigger – as were its accounting books…. Especially recently, the organisation has come across new realities, changes and expectations, to which it has responded well, moving on with the same dynamism and passion!

I was given the opportunity to face new professional challenges, to do things I had never done before, to respect the environment more and to learn things about myself – the latter, at a level of resilience and collaborations, but also on a social level. I am grateful for my acquaintance with the founder of the organisation, Mr. Thymio Papayannis, to whom I still speak in the plural despite his constant admonitions to the contrary over the years. I consider it a great honour having had the opportunity to know him first as a person and then as a colleague. The word colleague is not an accidental choice… Over the years I have been working in an environment in which we are all partners, without this meaning that the balance that should exist in a workplace to function properly is disturbed.

Furthermore, close friendships and bonds have developed, and I am lucky to be part of the financial department of the organisation. I call it luck because of the person who makes up the team and our excellent collaboration over the years!

So many defining memories for my path!

I wish MedINA to continue contributing to making our world a better place and to remain firm in its values and ideals!

I hope that we will be there for another 20 years in its side and that each of us will contribute in our own special way!

Happy Birthday MedINA”!