The students of Konitsa debate and decide on the future of their place!

The students of Konitsa debate and decide on the future of their place!

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The activities of the environmental project “Let it Flow!” culminated with the Role-Playing Game at the Environmental Education Centre of Konitsa. For three days -24, 25 and 26 April- the students of the secondary schools of Konitsa, with the support of their teachers and MedINA’s team, became the protagonists, taking on the role of the stakeholders involved in the management of the Aoos river basin!

The aim of the activity, which was piloted by the Middle School and the two High Schools (General and Vocational) of Konitsa, was, through experiential learning, to help students understand the complexity of the river basin management process and the value of science and dialogue for conflict

Through the Role-Playing Game, the heart of “Let it Flow!”, students reflected, researched and discussed about the future of the Aoos River. The children were split into groups, randomly selected a stakeholder card and listened to the game scenario to ‘get under the skin’ of their roles.

As farmers, fish farmers, amateur fishermen, hoteliers, representatives of outdoor activities companies, representatives of energy companies, members of an environmental organisation and ordinary residents, the groups presented their positions and aspirations for the management of the river basin to the local council. The group of expert scientists, acting as independent advisors, referred to the ecological value of riverine ecosystems and in particular the Aoos River as a transboundary ecological corridor that is part of the European Green Belt and a resource for local community development.

Subsequently, the management committees, with representatives from all stakeholder groups, through a constructive discussion, developed collaborations and reached decisions on the different management plans for the Aoos river basin, which were presented to the other groups at the end. During the presentations, questions were asked, different opinions were heard and the challenges facing the wider Aoos river basin area were discussed.

We would like to warmly thank the teachers of the General High School, the Vocational High School and the Middle School of Konitsa for their cooperation and support of all the activities of “Let it Flow!”, the Environmental Education Centre (KPE) of Konitsa, project partner, for hosting us, and above all the students of the three schools for their active participation, inspiration and sensitivity!

he project “Let it Flow! A Role-Playing Game for Aoos river basin” is implemented by MedINA in collaboration with the Environmental Education Centre of Konitsa (KPE) in the framework of the BESTbelt project with financial support of the European Union.

The BESTbelt project is funded by the European Union and EuroNatur, chair of the European Green Belt Association (EGBA). The programme provides funding for small-scale on the ground activities to preserve and restore biodiversity, promote sustainable development, provide training and capacity building along the European Green Belt, which brings together EU countries, accession countries and third countries. Read more here: