The tasting rounds of melipasto cheese have started

The tasting rounds of melipasto cheese have started

On Sunday, May 17, the first testing round of melipasto cheese was held by the Tasting Team, in Kotsinas, Lemnos. The activity is implemented by the “Anemoessa” Group within the Terra Lemnia project.

The meeting was the first test of local melipasto cheese, in a work cycle that will be completed after regular meetings during the summer.

The tasting process is part of the new activity of the Terra Lemnia project, which aims to study the physicochemical and nutritional characteristics of the melipasto/melichloro cheese.

The activity is coordinated by Theofilos Masouras, Associate Professor of the Agricultural University of Athens and is implemented in collaboration with the Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the University of the Aegean.

The procedure includes laboratory analysis of cheese samples to determine their physicochemical properties and organoleptic testing (tasting), in order to record and evaluate the taste characteristics of the samples.

The cheese samples come from the island’s dairy factories, as well as from cooperating producers of the project. The laboratory control is undertaken by the two collaborating Universities, while the members of the Tasting Team will have the opportunity to taste and evaluate the local production.

We are very happy for the start of another action that brings us in contact and beautiful cooperation with the producers and local agencies of the island, which is the driving force of our action organization!