The trip to Ios island was just the beginning!

The trip to Ios island was just the beginning!

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n September 2023, in the framework of the Med-RESET project, MedINA and Boulouki, with the valuable contribution of Save Ios, carried out fieldwork in Ios, in the area of Kambos, where 50 traditional stone weirs will be installed over the next two years.

Starting from Mavroudi stream, where the stone weirs will be installed, the team identified suitable building sites and collected all necessary data to finalise the study. Once the permitting process has been concluded by the relevant authorities, construction will officially start.

Michael Fischer from Save Ios during fieldwork to identify building sites for the stone weirs in Mavroudi stream. © Grigoris Koutropoulos / Boulouki

At the same time, fieldwork was carried out in the Pertesi stream catchment, to thoroughly map the hydrographic network and to identify more than 120 additional sites suitable for stone weir development in smaller streams discharging to Pertesi.

The hydrographic network of the Med-RESET project study area. Mavroudi stream, where 50 stone weirs will be installed, is depicted in bright blue. © Thymios Dimopoulos / MedINA

Finally, with the participation of the Laboratory of Mineralogy & Geology of the Agricultural University of Athens, data on the nature of the rocks and the hydrogeological regime of the study area were obtained, which will greatly contribute to the optimal placement of stone weirs and to the effective monitoring of the project’s impact.

Professor Ioannis Papanikolaou from the Agricultural University of Athens recording the geological substratum of the study area. © Fanourios-Nikolaos Sakellarakis / MedINA

The project Med-RESET benefits from the support of the Donors’ Initiative for Mediterranean Freshwater Ecosystems (DIMFE). The project is co-funded by the Municipality of Ios and implemented under the coordination of MedINA in collaboration with Boulouki, Save Ios and WWF Hellas.

Featured imafe: © Grigoris Koutropoulos / Boulouki.