“The art of melipasto/melichloro cheese making” is inscribed in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports in August 2020.
Launch of the animated video “People & Wetlands: A Vital Connection”
Revision of MedINA’s strategic framework and establishment of MedINA’s management team Launch of the INCREAte Approach and toolkit for integrating cultural aspects into nature conservation Publication of the e-book “Gastronomic Heritage in Mediterranean Wetlands- Healthy wetlands, healthy eating“.
Launch of the Terra Lemnia project in Lemnos Island, Greece Launch of the project “Strengthening the network of  hiking trails in Kythera” in collaboration with the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA)
Launch of the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture second project on Supporting Cultural Conservation Practices


Organisation of the Marinescape Forum Piraeus Mediterranean Workshop on the occasion of the European Maritime Days Launch of the travelling Photography Exhibition “On the Move”...

Launch of the project “Towards an Integrated Approach for the Sustainable Management of Mediterranean Natural and Cultural Heritage (INCREAte)”
Publication of the “Lake Karla Walking Guide” Promotion of the Larnaca Salt Lakes through collaboration with the International Airport of Larnaka, Larnaka International Port and the Municipality of Larnaka
Launch of the project “European Landscape Convention in Greece”
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