World premiere of the “Blue Heart“ documentary, screened on the Idbar Dam wall in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Patagonia’s new film, Blue Heart, documents the battle for the largest un-dammed river in Europe (the Viosa in Albania), the effort to save the endangered Balkan lynx in Macedonia, and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, who are spearheading a months-long protest to protect their community’s only source of fresh water.

On 29th April 2018, against the spectacular backdrop of the Idbar dam wall in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the film “Blue Heart” was screened for the very first time. The 40-minute documentary supports the campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” and centers around the opposition against hydropower projects in Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Idbar dam was chosen deliberately for the location of the premiere due to its history:  Build in 1959, the dam cracked soon after its construction. Investors and construction crews had ignored multiple warnings from the locals. Idbar was decommissioned soon after it was constructed.

“Blue Heart” was produced by Farm League on behalf of outdoor outfitter Patagonia. It has been translated in 14 languages and will be shown at over 500 locations around the world. Watch the trailer HERE.

MedINA, being a partner in the “Saving Europe’s last free flowing wild river – Vjosa/Aoos” project supports the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign and the “Blue Heart” documentary and will screen the film in Athens in the near future.