European Landscape Convention in Greece

Supporting implementation at a national level

European Landscape Convention in Greece

Project description

The aim of the project was to facilitate the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (ELC)  in Greece following its ratification in February 2010 by providing technical guidance to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. More specifically, following a thorough study of the provisions of the ELC and a comparative analysis of Greek statute law and the European legal framework on landscapes, MedINA advised the Ministry towards the adoption of specific legal measures and policies for the implementation of the convention.

Landscape methodologies were developed for the inclusion of landscape studies in Regional Spatial Plans (scale 1:250,000; adopted by Decision 10106/2011, Government Gazette Issue 45/AAP/17.03.2011), Local Spatial Plans (scale 1:50,000), Strategic Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments. In parallel, important technical work has been carried out to assist the ministry in setting up the study of the National Typology and Strategy on Landscapes, though unfortunately this was never officially launched.

An international workshop on landscape methodologies was organised in December 2011 in Athens, bringing together a group of acknowledged experts to exchange knowledge and experiences from different characterisation methods, as well as providing feedback on MedINA’s draft approach for a Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) at the local level in Greece and discuss the possibility of developing a LCA Method potentially applicable to other Mediterranean countries.