Regional Inclusive Biobased Entrepreneurship Solutions


Regional Inclusive Biobased Entrepreneurship Solutions, or simply RIBES project, is a Research and Innovation Action project funded by the new Horizon Europe Programme. It will last thirty-six months and have a budget of approximately five million euros.

RIBES aims to boost the adoption of bio-based advancements by developing innovative governance and business models at the intersection of the circular bioeconomy, social innovation, and rural development. Specifically, this initiative seeks to facilitate the transition from a linear to a circular economy across nine European regions that are currently lagging in innovation. The project’s activities will primarily target specific sub-national areas while also promoting dissemination and replication at a national level.

MedINA is a project partner in the consortium, which consists of 20 organizations from 14 countries and its main focus is to coordinate the endeavours of RIBES in the Region of North Aegean in Greece. MedINA is going to play a key role in initiating and coordinating a Multi-actor Transformative Forum (MTF) in the region, while supporting innovation, capacity building and dissemination processes.

The overall objective of RIBES is to empower social entrepreneurs in rural communities to co-create inclusive and sustainable bio-based business models that use simple digital solutions to connect and inform stakeholders, while also facilitating value chain development and market access for bio-based products and services.

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